We're Justified...And We're Ancient; We're Waver and TD..

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Mar 13, 2004
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Happy Birthday TD

Never know wot's real and what's not over here but there you are. If it really is your birthday congrats !!!

21 again and enjoying life...(goin anywhere nice?)...

Have a good day; did you know they've organised a RIB exhibition in your honour at Cowes?

Missus & Jackso :three:
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OH MAN TD how on earth can you keep yourself in good fit, it can´t only be that you are home alone most of your time you must live on anti oxidant tablets ??????????????????
:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :jaw:
Yeah happy birthday TD
Happy birthday TD. You look pretty good for 91.

You too rowg, happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday Rowg Waiv

Happy Birthday Waver and if you turn up in Cowes we'll buy you a large jorum of Cider...

Have a great day

Missus & Jackso:three:
Many Happy Returns.

Now get back to muckin' out them 'orses! :D

Have a good 'un.

See you soon,

L & R :cheers:
Yes, it's for real! the aul coffin dodger's 48. :lol:lol: :lol:lol: :lol:lol: :moon: :wank: :D
lol, He's nearly old enough to be MY old man :well: :well: :speechles
He's not gettin bolsters in his next boat, he gonna have Zimmers!:bang: :bolt:

i think that with your recent onset of paranoia....you grey cells have gone on the blink!!!

I've seen the photo, your'e not a day over 30!:) :wink:
Oi, u kept that one quiet, happy birthday mate.


You lookin for adoption or summit?

I must admit........he's been really cool re the boat bits..........anyone thats that nice to me must be loosing a marble or 12..............age does that sort a thing!!

anyhow jonny, I'm not one to bet, but i would reckon that people in glass houses and all!

+ I've spoken to tony, he's got a mental age of 5!
Re: TD

Captain Chaos said:
+ I've spoken to tony, he's got a mental age of 5!

it's no good suckin up to him now
I am finding it very difficult to accept that I am as old as David Manning!


Wotta little star

Chivalry is not dead....thanks Chaos!!!!

But I'm fairly ancient alright.

Justified and ancient.

Missus (trying to decide between botox and toluene :) )

(I'm over the paranoia ...I think we didn't get invited cos we're not posh enuff. We'll work on our accents and they might ask us next year. Don't tell em we're gobshites really :laugh: )

BTW 'gobshite' is a term of endearment in the better Irish social circles:laugh: :laugh:

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