What engine for a p20

taz, you want to have a word with hutchy before you spend any money on your engine,he rigged a ring 24 with a cossie engine on a massive jackplate with loads of setback,he tried loads of different props and im sure he said it would'nt go over 65 and at that speed it was very unstable.i think he tried it on a phantom but said it was to top heavy and made boat run on its side.pm me if you want his number.
Taz I know that you love your Cosy but these thing are not quick.
I have a freind running one on a ring 21 Damm it's slow.
There is just no punch to the thing.
Have you been in a P20 or P21 with a 2.5efi or a 2.0 F1 much better.
Burty's or Jonny's P20 is a good example of this very punchy.
My P20 with a tuned XR2 would do 73.9 GPS speed.
In my opinon go with a short shaft 2.5 EFi on a lifter or setback plate mounted in the middle of the boat.

You should see around 80-84 mph after finding the right prop.