Whats this ?


Jun 27, 2004
Can anyone here help me identify this little boat ?

described as an "Unknown" 12 ft long with a 5 ft beam.. I was considering this as a winter project to give my two daughters ( 8 & 12 ) their first boat :three:

Looks like an early shakespeare, got any pics from the front?

Would make a nice project and would be quick enough and still safe with a 20hp and would take more as they grow up.
thanks for the quick response Alan .. thats it,,

quite a pretty boat really ( although i'm not sure what it will look like in "Barbie" pink !!!
Put the two photos side-by-side and you'll see quite a lot of differences. Different year maybe? Or not the same boat? Just pointing out what I see.......:D
Not much difference as far as I can see, apart from colour.

Or are you comparing the cute little orange/red boat with Hydrostream's pointy one (in his signature)? :D

Edit: is that what you meant all along? Have I just had a sense of humour failure and been had for a mackeral (sp?)? :eek:
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Definitely a mini clubman (Shakespear)
Yup! Clubman not sportsman...:dizzy: You can rely on FGT's eye for the little things...:worthy:

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