where is it now?


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Mar 15, 2004
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lyme bay
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smokin aces
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x cat
is the p28 on the opening page still around,whos got it now?
Captain Chaos said:
wonder who knows the answer to that???
No idea who you're talking about, Cap'n! :drain: :D :worthy:
Some lunatic painted it silver, and the last I heard was that it's in Scotland.
cheers tony ,what a shame, would still be good to see some current pics of it.
TD has some pics of it after some sort of collision, mebbe RTA, looks pretty sad, and that was 15 years ago, it also got dropped by a crane driver somewhere along the line.
ouch wonder what its like now? what power?
dunno, originally had triple V6 175's
nice did it do round britain?
Yeah, twoz the very first race deck 28, built alongside OCL Suzuki for the '84 round britain.
First hull out the 28 mould was Mike Bellamy's cruiser deck version (nicknamed the 'blue whale' by the phantom staff due to it's less than streamlined appearance usually associated with the marque)
Jan, Pete and Steve in the '84 round Britain.


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that is a fantastic shot !,got any more?which seat was steve in,i remember borrowing a video from steve many years back it was a short film on phantom boats showed an old silver 23 phantom and a short clip of the 28 im sure its this one in some big seas, showed steves father on the farm etc ,could u ask steve if hes still got it?
I have to confess that this particular pic came from www.fastboat.info (hope they don't mind!) I'll ask Steve about vid when I next speak to him.
There is a film somewhere on the 1984 Round Britain.

For this race a third seat was added.
Steve was the driver. Peter alongside. Jan in the back.

Have some photos spmewhere.
Nice avatar Loz!
We've got Miranda here at the mo, she arrived today with my luuuuuvly U.S. S/S tow hitch and two Aronow books, 'speed kills', and 'Blue Thunder'.

The hitch pin lock is made by Smith & Wesson!...go ahead punk, make my day!
Talking 'Florida turkey' with her has prompted me to book my flights to Miami for the boatshow in Feb :banana: going on the 15th!

My bootie:


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LoZer said:
Steve was the driver. Peter alongside. Jan in the back.

Have some photos spmewhere.

I was gonna check, but assumed Steve was driving in this pic by his unmistakable beard!

Will do some research on the vid, would be nice memorabillia for me being the 'roots' of my boat.
You need the Cutler bumper sticker for that weapon.
Don't like my driving then call 1-800-BIGHT-ME

Say Hi to Miranda from the Bellarmo's

Have read the Blue Thunder conspiriacy theory Nice Book. I recon the Grassy Knowl and the magic bullet theory are in there some where.
the video im on about i think was a kind of small local documentry on phantom, starts of with drawings of boats and steve, then his father at the family farm talking about the passion for a different type of boat then a shot of a silver grey early 23 phantom ,then a short clip of the 28 red brut going round britain etc going hard at a head sea around a point somewhere, brill clip i borrowed steves tape around about 92 or 93 when picking up a 21 phantom
the round britain vid/documentry is called the power and the glory,i think i still have it in my archives somewhere

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