where is it now?

think i still have it in my archives somewhere ..

Carly, I think you may be in demand shortly. :)
i will have a look tonight,its a good vid,i hope its still about.
carly dig it out, would love a copy,although the one im on about is more a small documentry on phantom boats
5.51pm, that was a quick trip to the show!

Tony......I was Ace's gaff in Gunwharf Keys....I hadnt made it home yet.

.....have to be honest, I thought it was pretty ****! Hardly worth the 4.5hr round trip!

Shame I was driving, otherwise i reckon there would have some fat guy in a cape lying in his own vom outside the guiness section come 5pm this evening!

I thought mercury and bombardiers efforts were pathetic! Didnt even get to browse over a 225 HO!

didnt manage to make it off the soafa then?, shame I had to eat your pie as well;p;
sorry guys i had a look last night but its gone,thinking about it there have far too many x fiancees and x wife to even imagine it would still be there................wishfull thinking i guess..............................if anyone knows of any really good search engines,the programme was def called ..the power and the glory and the presenter i think was good old fred dineage:cheers:
Spoke with Gordon McMath today, he thinks he has a copy of 'The Power and the Glory', he's gonna check.
Video night!

Hey Jon, how about resurrecting the idea of a video night? We could watch Cannonball Run and The Power & the Glory (if you can source a copy). Anyone interested?
What a fine idea! I've got loads of powerboat vids, enough to bore the pants off any girl ...oooh eer!

mebbe we need a new thread, and we could through it what type of vids are the most popular (no porn Cap'n)
who's been telling on me? or do all your gizmos & hi-tek software allow you to see that I surf Boatmad & Bent & Oiled at the same time?

New thread...thumbs up:)