Where was everyone?


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Mar 15, 2004
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Actually got round to doing some boating that was not racing (officially) for a change - and did the July poker run. Good day out - just a shame about the weather.

With a few exceptions it seemed to be very thin on the ground with Boatmad members! Boats not ready or too much wind!!!
Hi Matt

Did actually see you on the water and I think on the slipway when we were heading back to the Island after the Poker Run - so will let you off.

But where were the others - did not see a Phantom 28 all day. Have not seen JF's boat for years - perhaps spending too much time on websites and not enough on the spanners!
it was a realy good day and a big thanks to gill and her team for all there hard work. a thanks also goes to tony hamilton for the great spread he put on.

the highlight of the day was mark pascoe in some blokes phantom 21 trying to wear it as a hat for him, lucky all came out ok thanks to the expert training mark has been recieving from the legendary neil holmes.

Neil obviously has been teaching shelley how to play poker as well as drive a honda boat, as she won second time in a row.


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