whos that firkin idiot

Glad to hear your all ok Glen.

That explains the hasty arrival of the coastguard to calshot last night.

The fog came in at about 6.45pm last night and was a real pea souper. The guys at the RNLI are pretty cool though.

I imagine it was an unpleasant experience for you though.

We (along with many others) got caught out at the Cowes Fireworks display many years ago in a 15 footer with no technology on board at all. It was complete pandamonium, hundreds of boats heading back to port across the solent with 10 foot visibility and worse the wear for alcohol. We ended up following a large Gin Palace that was bound for Hamble. After 30 mins or so they told us that they were lost!!! We ended up taking our chances on our own as fuel was running low and managed against all odds to get back to Hythe, shaken but not stirred.

It was a busy night for the RNLI that night.

Lesson learned hey?
yep i think so, buy some more technology, i dunno if it was me or the gps that screwed up, but i learnt one thing, buy some more technology. even though im young and have quite keen senses, my bloody gps is too small and theres not enough lighting in my cockpit to read a chart..!! cheers r-don