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Mar 13, 2004
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I have a wife for sale, elderly but hull and topsides in excellent condition. Low hours, light use but very expensive to maintain, brain almost unused!!!!..............

We arrived at check in at Bournemouth Airport yesterday morning, handed over our tickets and passports. Was asked to step behind the blue line as they now photograph you as they "barcode read" your passport, when they tried to do the same with my wife the system crashed, wouldn't read her passport. When I asked why they said " coz it expired in January".

The rep was very helpful, she phoned head office, they rang the Portugese authorities. In most of Europe you can use a passport up to 1 year after it expires, but for Portugal they only allow 1 month, so there was nothing that could be done other than to go home.

Loads of tears and stamping of feet, and my wife was pretty upset as well!

It turned out ok in the end, Bath Travel and their airline Palm Air pulled out all the stops, rebooked us on next Mondays flight, called the hotel, cancelled and remade our reservation and we're off next Monday instead.

Wife has been in London today and got a new passport, so it's all sorted.
It could only happen to a Missus!!!!

:D :D :wave:

Missus Sympathetic (but not overly so...since ye're off on hols after all while the rest of us are stuck here!!!!)
Yeh, and I get to spend an extra week boatbuilding!
Like loads of walking, and looking at the flowers and plants that Madeira is famous for!!!
I can't see TD doing that!!!! :hugegrin:

There's always the local plonkfields...and a bit of fishing and of course lots of kipping in the sun!!!!

Missus (think of the rest of us peasants slaving away!!!)
I suppose going on your own was out of the question?:bolt:
rowg waiv said:
I suppose going on your own was out of the question?:bolt:

Or skydiving without a parachute, both feasible, but the outcome would be the same!!:hugegrin:
Alright TD & Mrs. TD...

time to sort the menagerie & pack the bags again!!!!

& don't forget the camera...

We've never been to Madeira...(had the odd swig)...

Missus :brown:

jackeen's Missus said:
We've never been to Madeira...(had the odd swig)...

And I've had the odd chomp!

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