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My perspex/laminate screens are crazed and two out of four a diferent colour.

They are complete but tired.

Does anyone know where I could find a service that would remanufacture them and the product not craze for a sensible time??

The front ones curve in two planes.

Get on to your local sign manufacturer, he may vacuum mold sheet plastic or know someone who does. I used to do a bit of this, you will need to fab or have fabbed a plug to mold your screens on. It needs to be heat resistant as the plastic will be heated in an oven and formed over this plug.
The reason your screens crazed and misted before, is they were probably made from extruded material, if you do decide to make new screens, use cast material (perspex, polycarbonate, whatever...) talk to your material supplier, they will be able to guide you better. As I said, I only did a BIT of this stuff, when I was younger and used to work for my dad during the summer

Alan.. :)
Just thinking...

If the side screens are flat and the curved front ones are not to severely curved you might be able to form them over a jig of some description, using a large heater or infra red heater!
Thanks for that .

The sort of info that can make the difference making the wrong or right decison.

On another board I found I think seven guys all looking to have new screens made at the same time.

A good business?
Good Business?

Are all the screens the guys are looking for the same? , ie. same boat, same model, if so then it might be worth making a mold, if they are all one off's and complex it definitely wouldn't be worth it. It's also a large operation, done properly, you will need a large oven, vacuum bench and frames to hold the hot pliable material.

You should see if you can find a company that does this process and see if they will show you how it's done, they might even do the molding for you if you build the molds.

Have a look at this, there is a small section in it on making a home-made curved screen,


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