Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
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South Coast
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Phantom 28
Well after connecting to the wireless system in Kath & Pauls house on saturday night I was convinced! so when I got home at 2am, I was straight on to dabs.com ordering my linksys ADSL modem/wireless router.
tonight I've set it up, and what a tool! definitely faster than the BT Voyager ADSL modem it replaced, and with the freedom of wireless connection...can't imagine how I ever lived without it before. All for 79 quid plus vat!...marvelous!
I agree JF the Linksys is great system, I have been using this for 4 months now on my laptop :up: :up: :up:
jon fuller said:
[.can't imagine how I ever lived without it before. [/B]

Techno (ginga) geek! Does this mean you can now surf whilst in the cludger?
Copy cat.

Are you going to copy a little further and get a nice new faster rib from that Mr TD.

or better still we can swap boats. - fair exchange , no robbery

:tea: :tea: :hugegrin:
Where the "missus", she hasn't posted for over 10 hours!
Ok you tchno geeks - how does this wireless stuff at hotels and Mcdonalds and places work then? I've got a laptop and the PCMCIA card - now what? I'm on BT at home but thier website doesn't mention anywhere I'm looking!
Starbucks is supposed to be WiFi enabled in the UK but I haven't found it to work yet ( only tried at Waterloo )

I plan to do some serious work this summer from my garden via my NetGear wireless router. All I need now is the weather.


If you need any help with your networking, data back-up, or in fact anything highly technical on the computer front, just give me a call, I'd be only too happy to help:D :dizzy: :lol:lol: :well:
Thanks a lot Jon - with help like that ........... well at least the other John was helpfull! :bolt:
tony davis said:
Watch out, it might be a trap!

Yeah!, after all, he is a ribber, and we know they can't be trusted:wotzhapni
John Kennett said:
there are also some places that give free access -- you just turn up and log on...
Or just hang around outside someone's house where they haven't got security enabled! :D :aaahhh::bolt:
I must be getting old....in my day I was pleased if I came home from a party with a rash!
If we catch any of you dodgy fekkers hanging around outside the HEDGE that's it...down the old bill before ye can say JF is logging on in the bog

Just a test...

... 'cos I've been playing with my security settings! :)
and another test...

...'cos I gotta prob to sort!

Hmmm, I know what it is now. :bang:

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