Dont worry about pm'ing me your address though I will send it with Burty's, that way he will feel obliged to give more such is his competative nature :D
Never wishing to be left out and having had a brush with the big C myself - I'll go for a tenner as well - PM me your details and the cheque'll be in the post!
I.m in for a tenner.! I did that for charity myself and I can tell you that it's a lot colder out there without a barnet
Count me in for £10. Great cause that hits close to home since I had cancer in 88 and my wife had her run in with it in 99.
Johnny Boat Dude said:
I've got a spair 20 that I was wondering what to do with!!!

Right, that's it!

I'm in for 20 also.

That means TD's in for 40 :lol:lol:
:jaw: this is fantastic! all in all so far i have £267

only 7.5 hrs to go!!!:bolt:

thanks everyone............

Hi Gav..

Are you havin' this done in a pub? If so which one..and what time?:cheers:
Its at Kingsford Country Club just outside Wolverley Nr Kidderminster, the do starts at 8pm and the hair comes off around 10pm!

i`ll do a £10 pm your address

Can we just turn up at the door and ask for the "bald fella" (no sniggerin' Nobbas!) and hand over some cash?..
YES of course, come in and have a beverage toooooooo!
r u connected to shakespeare by any chance?