He means this one, which is supposed to be Jon Brooks, but I don't believe it's real.


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...:well: .... but I can't understand why you wouldn't believe that was a genuine RIB nobba....
C'mon! I know they're a weired lot, but that's ridiculous!
Re: Wot no pictures

Borldscratcher said:
To avoid any accusations of being shy I will explain my difficulty in posting the pictures. Let me point out that at no times did i wish to not deliver on my promise and in the fullness of time I shall do!

It's part of a 506 Mb avi file. I am not certain but I think this might be a little chunky to post a link to .

Is there any one who is clevr with AVi files that I can send the file to either by e mail or post who can pull the picture out?

As promised:


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With his hair & beard 'on', I reckon he looks like Dave Allenby!
Ok.........I give up, I dont remember anyone from that night. I conclude I was eitrher not (a) not in attendance (b) far more wonky than i thought (c) the dementia has taken a strong hold earlier than expected.