WOW!! There are 2 7 o'clocks!!

Maxim Gibson

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Dec 22, 2005
Cowes, Isle of Wight
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Mad Max/Master Fiddler
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Phantom 18/Fletcher Bravo
Merc XR2
Had the past week off school but have been gettin up later than I would have liked...
But check out the time on this post....I'm already up, showered and dressed and am gonna spend the whole day workin on the boat! (apart from a short break to go see my Phantom to be!!)
Off to get some toast and a huge mug of tea for brekky:D
Maxim Gibson said:
WOW!! There are 2 7 o'clocks!!


I like your sense of humour.

And your enthusiasm.

Well I only got the bump strip and transom shield sprayed due to spending a long long time maskin up as I'm not so confident in my handwork with a tin of Halfords Gloss Black:D

Met John Lindsay in Cowes for some "brunch" in a greasy cafe (good ol' bacon sarny n about me 5th big mug of tea!!) and picked up a starter n prop for the sea ray...also got a peek at his P21 (he will sell it to me!!)

then headed back to dad's to play with a 2.4 efi bridgeport:D
Whoah!! It's only half three?!?:confused:
Right....time to send dad numerous texts pestering him to take the sea doo out and p*ss off some rag n stick boats on round the island!! ;p;

Nevertheless it has been a good day....nice to be workin outside in the sun on boats...then taking a break to go look at more boats;p;