XR2 200hp Outboard pair for sale


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Jul 6, 2021
Hello all,

I've owned them both for 2.5 years and run the one on the boat once before in 2019 Jan and then winterized and that was it. Both were bought from the boat shop (Essex boat broker) on good faith that they were good un's and compression figures were solid can't remember what they were but said they were good & just needed running again after no use when they came across the boat.

The two from Jordan and Ray (owner) https://www.theboatshop.co.uk/ - both knowledgeable on the Ski race scene, Jordans Dad actually rebuilds a lot of engines for ski racers apparently. This boat was a barn find for them - they got them ready but hadn't been run in a while. Both engines start instantly but when I took the Starboard engine out 2 years ago, it did get quicker during the test. Since then I've been refurbing the whole boat and doing a lot of building on my house. ? So haven't used them.

Videos taken today to show running, happily pumping water

Bought to run twins now have decided on a different direction and have bought an injected 200 EFI.

As twins one is counter rotation and the other conventional.

Both are in good condition for age and are believed to be 2.0L.

Come with alien cowls, ignition loom, dials for both. RPM and water pressure.

I also have several 3D printed parts for the fuel linkages too, in addition some tie rods for running twins that may be of use.

Any questions please ask.

Looking for around £4.6k for the pair and a speedy sale would appeal as I need the space.

Props included are a 28P (very shiny in the box in one of the pics) and a well used 21P currently on the boat now.




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