Yes! We are Boat MAD!!


Feb 16, 2020
Cruising area
SF Bay and Delta
Boat name
The Office / Duke / Mini-Me
Boat make
34' / 18' / 15'
Hi guys and gals!!

No doubt about it: We are [and can be considered] at least somewhat Boat MAD!

Currently own three [3] boats. Had as many as five [5] at once before. Have belonged to "Trawler Forum" since 2011; nearly 10,000 posts on that forum.

Reason we join Boat Mad is because... recently, we acquired a really neat, excellent overall condition "Barn Find" ski boat. I feel this forum [but not so much Trawler Forum] will have answers to questions as we/I restore this boat's power line back into useable condition.

It's a 1989, 18', I/O Mercruiser, "Blue Water" brand, cuddy cabin, ski boat. Death in family had the boat put aside [fully covered] in a really good, well protected dry storage location.

Circumstances are: Well covered inside a garage... it has not be used since 2003 [wow - that's 17 years of sitting dormant]. Has 300 +/- use hours. All portions [interior/exterior/upholstery, trailer etc] are like new. Engine and O/D and bilge as well as dashboard and controls also all look like new. With new battery installed everything on dash lit up and hydraulic lift on O/D works well.

So... as we approach spring time... I plan to soon begin getting the boat's driveline back into good maintenance, useable condition. This is by no means my first reconditioning on a boat's drive line. However - it is the first time I've ever owned or worked on an O/D for any reason.

As I progress in this restoration procedure I may come to Boat Mad Forum with some questions in search of suggestions.

Any input you may be able to provide is super duper appreciated.

Anyone else on this forum own/owned a similar 1989, 18' Blue Water, I/O Mercruiser, cuddy cabin boat?

Happy Boat-Fun Daze! - Art and Linda :seaman:


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