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Its all in the misdirection.

Some people know what I am talking about, and for the others, it does not really matter, so:

There was an article published in Yacht Racing in the late 70's called "The Year of the Black Deck." It concerned a hot-shot racer who had a new boat design built for him 'offshore' so the competition would not get to see the underwater design. It was ordered with a white deck and black hull. When it was delivered it had a black deck and a white hull. But they didn't have enough time before the first race of the season to correct it, so they accepted it anyway.

It was a hot boat due to the colour and was horrible to sail because of the heat, but they started winning anyway. As their success was noticed other owners started painting their decks black. Whole industries sprung up making special under-deck insulation because the boats were so hot inside. Articles were published in magazines talking about how the "collateral end-plate effect" of thermals rising off the deck made the rigs more effective.

By the end of the season, the new boat had won the championship and most of the fleet had gone over to black decks.

The next year the reigning champion showed up with yet another new boat.

It had a white deck and a black hull.

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Its true what they say !! If you win a race with a "Green Welly" on your head then at the next race everyone will have a "green Welly" on their head !! Or accuse you of cheating and get "wellies" banned.

If Only
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