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Parliamentary Bollix.

Another snambles,stayed up all night to watch,dont know why i keep doing it,was hoping for a Lib/Dem landslide,in me dreams,me poor old mate Lempit Opik got splatterd,no more cheeky,cheeky hotel expenses for him.We talked about scrapping car tax and putting 2p extra on a litre,what does it cost to just adminster this dinosaur?The money the government would save/make would pay for one of the new aircraft carriers we need,1 in 12 people dont pay any car tax at all(if you believe what you read in the papers) just go the auctions and get another £50 quid banger and drive round till it gets impounded.Everybody needs petrol,you cant get away from it.Another thing we talked about,another dinosaur,the freaking T.V. license,scrap it,let the Beeb raise revenue by advertising like every other channel,licence has been around since blobalob snogged littleweed,they might have some cash to make new dramas or soaps like Howards Way,based on a powerboat theme instead of the rag tops,Mike Ring as the new Tom Howard,could call it Fullers way.V.A.T.up to 20%,everybody buys things,even the doley scroungers would have to chip in here,country is on its arse at mo,stand by to get your hands in your pockets,i dont mind chippin in if it makes Britain Great again.Another thing we winged about in the early hours,collar every foreign artic with long range tanks and dip them at Dover,charge them british duty on all the cheap fuel they brought in to clog our roads up,sit on a fly over on the M25 for an hour and count them up,theres the other aircraft carrier we need paid for.Labour have even given away two of our minesweepers away FREE to Lithuania God help us if the Argies attack again,it will be 14 kayaks and a p25 goin down there to sort them out.Off to bed now,cream crackered.RULE BRITTANIA

when in doubt trim outCARPE DIEM
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Originally Posted by dowdy View Post
new aircraft carriers

the other aircraft carrier we need paid for

cream crackered.RULE BRITTANIA
Ye not thinking by any chance of expanding ye boat range to include AIRCRAFT carriers are you
i can na give her any more captain
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