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Pc thought's

Not really a computer buff/nerd ... generally known as (pale pasty weakling welded to a keyboard 24/7 with bottle glasses) ... just need to replace the main back orafice web browsing PC as one's gone awol and another has only half a lung working so a bit slower than it was ... as said I'm not a buff just used for email and forum reading ... OH ye and boatmad, although the other guys tend to use it for more interesting things, however I started off with something based around an i5 for £600-700 then on further reading I thought no an i7 is the way to go, and more money of course, and as we've used Scan before (any other great company's worth recommendation) thought this may be OK with a bit of reconfiguring

any thought's

PS ... As a side thought if I'm going for an i7 maybe I should go the whole hog an ask if they have a DATA model as shown on Star Trek as it could serve at the till make the tea and solve the winning numbers for next weeks lottery via quantum mathematical physics ... Guy at Scan said sorry cant supply those yet call back sometime around 2332 but cant grantee you what price it will be, so back to the i7 then for now
i can na give her any more captain
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