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Only in America

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last week affirmed a decision handed down last year by a jury that Brunswick Corp. was partially liable for a 2005 accident on Lake Austin, Texas, in which a teenís leg was severed by a propeller.

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What is the world coming to. This almost makes it impossible for anyone to own a business.

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Only in America

what a crock of sh1t but lets face it if money can be made there are people out there that will take it. lets hope he uses the money to teach people about the dangers of boating or he could pay for a new prop if it was damaged
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The Merkins confuse me, they have legal rights to carry guns and nobody thought to shoot the lawyers, jury and judges involved.

How long before the insurance application forms carries a question "is your boat fitted with a propellor guard" with the additional smallprint stating that all insurance is null and void without one?
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Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. One can only despair that we have reached the point where incompetence is the norm, stupidity rewarded, and personal responsibility is but a distant memory.
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