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ring21 and johnson 300hp 1993

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Xavier Marchal and I'm from Belgium. I'm 42 years old and fan of speed boat since my grand father had a picton when I was 10 years, this is a kind of family virus.

Sorry for my English wich is faaar to be perfect ;-) I promise to do my best to be as clear as possible.

My first boat was and ecofiber with a johnson 115hp of 1975. very nice boat, sensational little hull. i had to resell it last year to buy a more ''family'' boat because we are 6 now...the ecofiber was too small but i regret.

I bought a Tullio Abbate seastar 21 with 5.7L OMC. Nice boat, but some senstations are missing because I only boat on lakes and not on sea.

well, than I decided to buy another boat for my fun, and I bought a Ring21 with a 300HP V8 Evinrude of 1993.

I have some questions about the boat itself, and also the engine setup wich is on a jack plate.

1/ what do you think about the engien/boat setup. I think this engien is very heavy and the rear transom has some cracks at the top side but the lateral hull has no cracks. I made 120km on the ******* roads in Belgium and the engine was still on the boat when I arrived. So, I think the transom is strong enough to support the engine, but i think I have to add some braces between it and the two main strcutures of the hull.

2/ what do you think about the height of the engine. The anti cavity plate is about 100m higher than the rear hull's bottom. There's also an hydrofoil on the engine.

3/ there's a hole between the two front seats and some water is Inside but not so much. Is there a ballast or Something like that?

here you can find some pics of the beast.

all informations are welcome to start the engine, repair the hull, improve the boat etc etc

maaaaany thanks in advance,
Greetings from Belgium ;-)

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The engine is very heavy and the transom looks bad, I think you should definately look into that. Also check if it is not rotten etc.

Height of the engine depends on what your boating goal is. I see no lower water pickup so you are already quite high now.

As far as the engine goes; if you care about it you should put a lot of effort of getting it into shape before you run it hard, especially if it sat for a while. Most importantly the fuel system should be very clean and in good condition as this is what causes a lot of failures on these engines.

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Hi dear. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to check if the transom is not rotten and if needed replace it and reinforce it.

The engine was still running a few months ago following the ex owner but I found some bottles of oil in the boat and it was garden machine oil...grrrrrr. so, I have time to restore it but the more infos I have, the beter it is.

Thanks again, xa
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Good afternoon. I decided to investigate a little bit deeper. The transom is protected by an horizontal piece of wood and so, nothing can be in contact with the transom, and no water can go in it.

When I put some extra weight on the anti vent plate, the transom moves approx 0.5mm at its center by bending.

I was thinking about adding some braces Inside the hull, from the transom to the bottom of the hull. the idea is to fix eyebolts on the existing screws that are on the transom/engine, put stainless steel plates on the two main parts of the boat structure with chains, and a tension nut. i saw that kind of stuff in certains models of competition boats.

I think the transom is not rotted, it is simply not strong enough to support the V8 that is quite heavy. To check it, I'm going to make some holes at different places to check how the wood is and than fill the hole with PU glue + wood mix.

Due to the jack plate, the force moment is getting bigger and the bending force is getting higher.

here you can find a drawing and also an example I found on boatmad for a piranha speedboat.

What are your impressions about that?

many thanks, xa.
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Hi guys, I hope you are all ok. This weekend was a good one. I cleaned the engine checked the glows, sparks system, cleaned the carbs, the fuel pump, and start it...after 4 seconds it ran (with water of course).

I made it run for a few minutes checking the t° and what a wtf noise rhhoooo.
Once it was alsmost hot, I took the compressions and all are exactly the same...good next point.

OK, let's get back to the topic, I decided to make a small hole in the transom and the good new is that the wood is in good shape without water of humidity.

I think the Johnson 300HP is simply too heavy and a bracing of the transom should be welcome to drive it at 100%.

Anyway, I decided to resell it, too big for me and I want to keep my Tullio Abbate 21'' for family while making a new projects for my pure fun: a Piranha spi F3 I bought a few days ago. I will post some pics here later.

So, if some people are interested in the boat, trailer and engine, the boat need some clean and refurbish of one seat; the boat and engine covers are in nice shape and the trailer can drive without problem for long distances. The engine is in very nice shape, I think never ran in salt water, the two VRO pumps have been disconnected.

Please contact me in MP

have fun and nice day!!!

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