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Martyn W
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can a sealed bladder tank be used with a flow/return system?

i just finished my boat and went to launch it today, the motor ran and started fine, but shortly after getting it off the trailer the revs increased and then cyt out. i have taken the fuel delivery pipe off the motor and started the fuel pump, it is not a constant flow (it starts then stops)

i have my fuel rigged as follows- bladder tank to input on water seperator, output on water seperator to inlet on pump, pump to inlet on engine, return from engine to spare inlet on water seperator. (the pump is a bosch high pressure)

the bladder tank is sealed, i have tried pushing all the air out of the tank and screwing the cap back on as to try get all the air out but im still not getting a constant flow.

i will check all the lines and clips in the morning for any signs of leaks but its all brand new hose and fittings.

iv been over and over in my head how this is supposed to work and how an air pocket in this flow/return system is to escape (usually it would go back into the vented tank i assume and out thru the tank breather) does anyone else on here run a bladder tank on a flow/return efi system?

any help would be much appriciated.

thanks Martyn
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