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Mercruiser Shift Interuptor setup?

Repower Marine 5.7 EFI on Alpha leg.

Hi there I am looking at my Bro's boat which has a 5.7 re-powermarine V8 EFI in it. coupled up to a Gen 2 Alpha 1 drive.

We are having all kind of issues with gear selection, well de-selection actually.

At first the boat did not come out of gear and so we have had the ECU re programed as it did not cut the ignition at all with the inhibitor switch.

Now it cuts the ignition which is great and the engine comes out of gear but about 50% of the time it cuts the ignition too long and the engine cuts out.

The gearbox has been serviced by the Mercury agents and has had a new gear selector cable fitted.

I have moved the inhibitor switch manually and it cuts the ignition for as long as I hold the switch or until it stalls completely.

Has anyone come across this problem before and are able to help.

The engine is fitted to a 21ft sports boat and runs a 4 blade prop.

I refuse to believe that setup is this difficult and must be overlooking something simple.

Any guidance would be grateful.

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Hi there, a common problem ! Watch the selector rocker switch as you select gears (engine running) and see if it momentarily flicks the switch, it should not in any way hold it in for longer than a quick blip. if it is holding the switch too long this is more than likely an indication of a tight lower cable if this is the case it should be either greased up or replaced, it is quite possible if you have been using the boat without the interrupt working that the cable has kinked or stretched. As for the wiring of the interrupt. When I setup a boat with the repower marine delco est ignition which is what I assume you have, on the advance module (small black box in the distributor with two plugs) there is a pin on one connector to connect to for shift interrupt. on my mercruiser/repower marine setup the the interrupt switch is an open circuit when depressed where as from memory the delco ignition requires the switch to complete the circuit when depressed so after much head scratching mistakes and blown modules I wired the power of the coil Via a relay and the switch wire of the relay to the interrupt switch then to the ignition key meaning that ignition key on and shift in normal position activates the relay and provides ignition and when the interrupt blips it just cuts the power to the coil. it works well for me. however if your interrupt switch is a make when depressed then I think from memory this is supposed to ground the module through the interrupt wire (black from memory) hope I have helped Ed
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