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Rugged ribber requres some RC help

does anybody have much experience of model rc eqipment?

Our tug and barge has a system ( and what a bag of worms it is) that operates the hopper doors remotely using some futuba kit. The installation of the system is awful and the design seems inelegant to me.

so some questions for you

1 the reciever works a servo which turns around a servo horn and trips a microswitch which then trips a relay which then supplies 12 volts to the feed.

Can i drive the relay direct from the TX or does somebody make a relay that replaces the servo by plugging direct to the TX?

secondly does any body know if I can charge up the RX battery from a solar charger ( I think it runs at 6 volts)

don't forget the thing normly bobs around about 50 yards behind the tug so I want it to be as self replenishing as possible

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Cant think of anything off hand that would be compatible with a Futaba radio control thingy.

However Burty does door entry systems and maybe able to come up with some sort of remote 12v thingy.

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you can get remote 12volt panic alarms that would do it a receiver has a relay built in to switch an external sounder etc but they aint cheap
remote to open gates also built in relay etc and again not too cheap

i'm sure maplins or somewhere on line would do a basic radio system
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Might I suggest:

or you can buy a single channel jobbie at Maplin:

But if you bought a 2 channel jobbie, you could rig the second output to close the hopper doors ie, simple polarity reversal assuming this is how the hopper doors work

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