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Stainless Steel Prop over Aluminium

I have been recently been thinking of getting a hold of a spare propellor for my speedboat just in case of accidents etc and have managed to locate a stainless steel one for sale which is the correct model and same size/pitch etc as my original ally one.

My question is this, as there is a bit of an extra cost involved with going stainless steel rather than ally, is it worth it? Are there any advantages of stainless props over ally and would I notice them on my boat if the size and pitxh of the prop were the same?

For some background my boat is a very old Plancraft Stingray with a Johnson 50 which I use for wakeboarding and pottering about...

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Stainless bends less and also allows a thinner blade section, so all other things being equal, it'll be a better prop.

But all other things are rarely equal. Caveat Emptor.

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also stainless props are heavier so shifting into gear with the engine running will make a horable clonk.
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