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trim affects gear selector

as I tilt my engine all the way down it 'falls ' the last inch. In this position it is impossible to use the gear selector ( it goes from neutral into forward gear but then cannot be pulled back to disengage the gear or to select reverse ). I have a foot throttle so this is unaffected. If I lift the engine back up it eventually ' falls ' forward and it is then possible to use the gear selector. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and suggest the best way to get it fixed. ( my engine is a 2000 optimax 225 )

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you could try toping the trim oil up this will stop the motor droping. as for the gear selector you might want to drop the g/box down to see if the shift shaft is alined. wial the g/boxis down try shifting the control box from forward to reverse to see it has free motion if it hasnt it could be in the control box! if it has then try getting a pair of pliers and twisting the gear selector on the g/box to see if you have any trouble selecting gears if you do the problem could be in the g/box if its ok put the g/boxback up making sure the water tube and shift shaft aline and go in then see if you still have a prob!
hope this helps. tank.

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Sounds to me like summat's busted on ya saddle/lower engine mount.

You've not been out running 80mph in six foot seas in Sarasota bay have you?.....only kiddin

This 'dropping' combined with the gear section problem, sounds like it could be something to do with where the vertical gear selector shaft is exposed near the lower mount.

If I remember correctly, the vertical shift shaft runs down through the main steering tube, is then exposed for an inch or so, before entering the lower unit.
If for example the lower mount were buggered, your shaft would get all snarled up (and probably damaged) as the mid section wanked about in relation to the steering tube/mount.

worth a look anyway.


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