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Welding a Bob's nose cone?

Hi All,

Has anyone got any advice on TIG welding a Bob's nosecone onto a Merc v6 gearbox?

I've managed to fill in the standard water inlets (had to pre-heat the box, weld in stages and dress it back several times). Would be good to know if there's an 'easy' way to do it- would rather not blow the new nose cone into holes

Any advice on filler rod grade/thickness, current, electrode, gas etc would be great.



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Speak to Nick Gregg at fusion engineering mate I think he's done them before

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I Stitch , mig welded my last one , not fully welded....I worked on less heat in mig than tig for a smaller amount of time , less distortion ! Then chemical metal as filler. Worked ok for me , no cracking. Just a thought for you.
And before you ask , I cannot remember settings , sorry.
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