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Formula 200

This will see a pretty major up-dating of 'two litre' type racing. As with changes going through to the old 3C becoming 2 litre 'dirty engines or 3 litre 'clean' - it was felt more accurate and meaningful to call Formula 200 to reflect the horsepower.

Also it is hoped to be able to race production boats and ex raceboats in the same race as 3C boats but with less expense and less paperwork. In effect they would be in a seperate 'production' sub-section. The same could be done with the 200hp RIB's.

It is all in pretty early stages of development - and still more information is needed in terms of rules and what expenses the RYA will impose.

So far this has been met with much enthusiasm and could lead to some really good racing and bigger fleets.

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I agree! There are some strong developments coming into plan for Formula 200. It is going to take time but the best things happen with time. The idea of getting more boats on the start line is good because that should up the number of spectators. Plus i think all the class need to start to come back together again, they seem to be going down there own routes and racing and different venues. But i think that if we brought all the classes together and put them all on together at one event then a) you will get the venue due the action going on all weekend instead of, at the moment 2hours of racing over 2 days, b) i will be better in the way of media, spectators advertising etc because possibly the funds from every class could be combined and put together which could then produce an outstanding action packed weekend. With lots of spectators!

Only thoughts but i am sure that the class is going the right way and not the wrong way!
Watch out for the new racing team.

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