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sit down shut up hold on
Country: wales
Occupation: anything
Interests: boats,cars anything with a motor
Boat make: just sold it
Engines: none

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300 promax for sale on b&o

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Country: England
Location: On the farm
Occupation: General Trouble Causer Salterns Boatyard
Interests: Official smartass
Boat name:
Boat make: a V24 and a SLOW unstable ICE Bladerunner
Engines: 2x300 promax, 320 Volvo
Cruising area: England/France & Med

Join Date: May 2005
Location: On the farm
Posts: 2,681
Looks to be to cheap?

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Country: England and proud!

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I've said it before, and i'll say it again....SCAM!
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Location: Belgium
Interests: Boating
Boat make: Hydrostream HST
Engines: Merc 2.5 200
Cruising area: The Schelde

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Location: Belgium
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I saw it too..

I send a mail passed weekend. Had no mail back...

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Country: uk
Occupation: Diamond/Jewellery/Rolex dealer
Boat name: Beyond Obsession
Boat make: P25
Engines: merc 2x200XS SSROS
Cruising area: solent/altea

Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 289
promax on b&o

I mailed them about a week ago asking why so cheap? reply was from a foreign woman (i assume) julia francisca reply went- hello,yes the engine is still for sale,i sell it quickly. That was enough for me,someones up to no good.
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Country: U.K.
Location: Sarf London
Occupation: Consulting Engineer
Interests: President AYC
Boat make: Ring
Engines: Merc 2.5
Cruising area: Allhallows YC - Thames Estuary

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Location: Sarf London
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Sounds promising - NOT!

Engine can be viewed in Sumatra.......

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