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WTF is that? 2.4 SS EFI??

Cowl looks huge and just like one of the v rare 3.4L race motors but p-head looks like a 2.4 BP EFI

Anyone know it?

The Docta
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Looks like 12" mid, they run L/Box.
From inshore cat still has the wings on from the cable steering.

Sold to someone in the Netherlands.


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Le Cat
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I knew about 3.4carb/efi V6 Cosworth rated 275 or 300hp but not a 2.4. Funny about the "6 psi off each other" but no actual values. The block number OC276273 doesn't match 3.4 serial # but does 2.4efi...
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Must be a few years since it was last seen on Loch Earn - thats my boating pond and certainly not seen any cats up there since I've been ski-ing and thats been more years than I care to mention!!
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That is analogue injection 2.4 efi round about 87/88 at a guess, on an early manual up down through transom midsection with speedmaster IV studs up gearcase. The guy selling it obviously hasn't got the faintest idea, I'm going to get him round to do all my engine oil changes on V6 mercs I'll make a fortune. And that prop fits great must of been a blast at over 100mph. Hope the guy that bought it isn't dissapointed when he floors the throttle and finds 70 or so of the ponies have fled the corral. I was told Cosworth castings did do some blocks for Mercury but I think they were very early 2.5's early 90's or so. Difficult engine to maintain nowadays.
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