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  1. Toger13
    24-02-2015 02:44 PM
    Hi Tom

    Thanks for the offer I think I will get my engines running properly first and get all the paint cleaned off these Rev 4's so that I have a base line to work from but I except a 17 inch pitch prop to be far too small when she is running properly

  2. Go fast
    23-02-2015 08:34 PM
    Go fast
    Hi, Just read your post about the boat.
    I got Baja with twin 350 mag mpi with bravo 1 also.
    I think you should try Bravo 1 props. maybe 22 pitch. I think that may help.
    I am running bravo 1s 24 pitch. Also 4200 rpm, I put smaller props on 19 mirages, it put the revs up but went slower I also tried 25 mirages, that put the speed up but also 5000 rpm and better to run less revs=less fuel.
    I have pairs of 19 mirages, 23 Lazer 2, Bravo 1 24.spare if you would like to test??
    Let me know.

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