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  1. nort-0
    27-06-2021 04:08 AM
    At the moment the hulls running pretty wet so I'm only running a 11 x 13p alloy thats been cupped with the motor up so it's just piecing the surface it'll get 56kmph but with it trimmed in to keep the stern up as soon as you trim out she falls of the bow wave and porpoises. I'm hoping with CoG sorted plus a little more hp I can run 15p stainless maybe even stretch it 17p but we'll see how we go as i don't plan reving past 5850 as it is a fishing boat

    Once again I really appreciate your information
    Thanks nort-0
  2. nort-0
    27-06-2021 04:07 AM
    Cheers Seumas I'll keep the possible lack of reliability from the TLDI gasket in mind when talking to the guy supplying my parts. 1mm it is then which after you mentioned it I actually looked at the compression of 50d2 which is pretty low compared to other companies so it certainly won't hurt to get closer to 130psi

    I did look at doing something with the back of the cowl which does look nice and simple so it might be a temp mod while I work on my scoop idea was looking at doing something on the front along the lines of the big old mercury racing cowls with a S bend design to separate water/dust then feed into the front of the cowl and partial block the rear inlet to hopefully create some pressure but still keep airflow through the cowl.
    Love the idea of a butterfly scoop on an outboard tricky to build but not impossible
  3. nort-0
    24-06-2021 07:33 AM
    Thanks for getting back to me I appreciate the info
    I'm only just getting back to playing with this motor now I've been playing with CoG trying to fix a handling issue not realising it was the pod someone fitted to the back having excessive setback so while I'm getting the transom rebuilt I'll try to free a few hp up. I've got some reeds and am about to order a d1 exhuast and tldi head gasket. Do you take 1mm off and run a tldi gasket or aim for 1mm over all. Good to hear the stacks will complement these mods I'm also going to have a
    go at a forward facing intake scoop for the cowl to
    get some better air pressure in there hopefully I can design some sort of water separation chamber or bend to keep it dry in there. Anyway thanks for the info I really appreciate it
    Cheers Nort-0
  4. nort-0
    19-07-2020 08:30 AM
    Looks like you know the 50hp tohatsu motors pretty well does fitting velocity stack make a difference to stock motor or do you need to start playing with powerheads to take advantage of them. Only asking as i'm looking at squeezing a little more power out of an M50d2 without killing bottom end torque as it's fitted to a 4.4m alloy fishing boat and there doesn't seem to much info around on motors fitted to heavy boats. Any info is appreciated
    Thanks nort0
  5. Cncman90
  6. Fantom2
    13-12-2018 12:50 PM
    Hi is the chopper prop in reasonably good condition or will it need a rebuild? A bit hard to tell from the photos. Regards Dom. 07462565784
  7. gazza
    06-02-2017 07:51 AM
    I'm down in Fife, if buying the boat how do we get it to the mainland, how often do you come over just thinking could pick it up from the ferry terminal ?
  8. Tommy-fin
    Hi! Can you send me CES exhaust pipe dimensions? Cheers

    - Tommy
  9. roflhat
    25-05-2016 07:34 PM
    you still running 70 carbs? hows the acceleration?
  10. Hennessey10
    Can you recall what the timing was on your Tohatsu 50 when you were done at wide open throttle. After 6000 RPMs my motor just falls on its face.

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